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Frequently Asked Questions

Policies regarding Special Programs & Blocks of the Month

1. When will my block of the month ship?

At any one time, we have more than 60 blocks of the month underway. To help keep everything running smoothly, we have them grouped together and scheduled for cutting, assembly and shipping during 10 day periods of each month (i.e., a group of 20 different programs will tend to be shipped between the 1st and 10th of each month; the next group of 20 will ship between the 11th and 20th of the month, etc.) Sometimes, the fabric companies or pattern designers don’t follow our timeline and things get delayed. You can always check our calendar to see if your program has shipped yet.

2. I don’t have enough of a particular fabric to make the required pieces in this kit.

Everyone cuts and sews differently. When we calculate measurements for block kits, we try to take in to account all the possible methods for doing something, but sometimes we miss one.

If you are short of fabric and it’s our fault, we’ll send you what you need, no problem and no charge.

If you are short because you made a “oops”, we’ll still send you what you need—often-times we have scraps left over from cutting and we can send you out a little square of this or that.

If it’s a big “oops”, we may need to discuss payment with you. Finally, a lot of our programs are sell-outs which means we don’t have that exact fabric laying around anymore. In that case, we’ll try to find a close substitute for you.

Finally, we do NOT pre-wash fabrics in our BOM kits. Many of the pieces are small and if you decide to pre-wash, then we can't guarantee you won't end up short. We highly recommend not pre-washing and instead include a couple of dye magnets or Shout Color Catchers in the wash when you launder your quilt.

3. I just now opened up this block of the month kit from two years ago and discovered I am missing Piece C. What now?

First, check the next month’s kit. Sometimes, if we made an error, we correct it by sending out a note & whatever you need the following month. So go through everything to see if your missing piece is hiding.

If that’s not the case, and the kit you are looking at left our shop more than six months ago, we likely do not have the fabric anymore. You’re welcome to check with us about the missing piece, but odds are you’ll need to replace it from your stash.

4. I see on the calendar my kit shipped but I haven’t received it. Help!

First, always allow at least 14 days for the kit to arrive. We’ve found the USPS is moving slower & slower these days, especially with first class mail.

Second, if your package shipped priority, we always use the delivery confirmation service with tracking so we can check on the status of the package with that information.

Third, if it’s been more than 14 days, let us know—we’ll check with our postmaster to see if the kit was returned for some reason.

If 30 days have passed and you still don’t have a kit, we’ll do one of two things:

a)     Every customer will be allowed one “freebie” kit —if you truly didn’t receive the kit, let us know and we will cut a replacement at no cost to you at our convenience. Pulling all those bolts out again, trying to find replacements for fabrics we are out of & then individually cutting lots of tiny pieces is very labor intensive—we’ll need to fit it in around our schedule if we’re going to send it out at no cost.

b)     If you absolutely have to have the replacement right now, then we will make time to cut one, but we will charge for the kit.

c)     When you consider how many thousand packages we send out of Mexico, MO every month, you realize a very, very tiny fraction of things end up lost in the mail. However, if you don’t want to take a risk, we are happy to offer insurance at your cost.

5. I am missing the kit from Month XX—I think it arrived but it’s lost in my sewing room, or it got thrown away, or the dog ate it, or . . . whatever.

Basically, see the provisions of numbers 3 & 4 above. We’ll do what we can, but if it’s been a while, the likelihood of us having that same fabric is remote.

6. I participate in 2 or 3 or (all 60) of your programs—can I get them shipped together.

While we understand the appeal of this idea from the customer perspective, from our perspective it would really complicate delivery of the programs. With so many people in so many different programs, we haven’t identified a good way to consolidate shipments. Also, we only charge you actual postage—there are no handling fees or hidden mark-ups. So, when programs are less than 13 ounces we can ship first class which generally means cheaper shipping for you. Anything over 13 ounces must ship via priority mail.



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