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Dot, Dot, Dot

by Laundry Basket Quilts

Do you ever have a quilt project get stuck in your mind? 

You don't have time to tackle it when you see it. But, you keep coming back to it as you look through patterns or books?

For me, Dot, Dot, Dot is that quilt. I loved it the first time I saw Edyta post it. And it's always been on the bucket list. 

There's always going to be a reason that "there just isn't time to start another project". And, sometimes you just need some motivation to dive in, right?

So, here it is. A choice of either a complete kit or monthly kits to join me in making the interior of the  Dot, Dot, Dot quilt.

The quilt finishes at 63" x 69" before the border. It features 483 different prints and 483 different backgrounds. That's a lot. So, it's one great reason to let us do the work for you with our expertly curated kits.

We'll be focusing on a huge array of Andover Fabrics prints for this project. Of course, we'll pull in every single Laundry Basket fabric that we have currently as well as add in lots that are on order if you're in the monthly program.  If you opt for a complete kit, we'll be shipping those in May and we'll add in some upcoming lines so you can use new fabrics too. We'll also include coordinating prints from other Andover Designers including Renee Nanneman, Max & Louise and more, and possibly a few can't miss prints from other manufacturers. The overall look and color feel of the original quilt will be replicated.

Our kits will have large enough pieces that you can do your choice of hand or machine applique.

And, in the next month or so, we'll scout out some border fabric choices. Edyta has a blue & tan line coming that would allow us to recreate something similar to her original border. And, I'm dreaming about some multi-color floral that ties together the radiating color effect. We'll offer a separate border/binding kit when we confirm availability.

We'll work to send you an assortment of fabrics that will let you generally recreate the layout shown with a color gradation effect radiating from the center.

You'll need the pattern. It's available as part of Edyta's Rainbow Scraps book or you can order just the pattern for $12.  There is also an acrylic template available. 

The first monthly kit will ship in early June. We're planning a total of 8 monthly kits and they are each $28.95 including shipping.  Complete kits will ship in mid-May as well. Monthly kits are $231.60.

Reserve your monthly kit spot here. Or order a complete kit here.

This is a rare opportunity to receive almost 1,000 different fabrics, expertly curated to work together. Don't miss out!



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