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2024 Quiltmania Mystery Program
Victoria's Sampler

Reproduction of an antique quilt analyzed and designed by

Renée Ferré

to remain as faithful as possible to the original

It's finally time to share details about the 2024 Quiltmania Mystery program!

The editors have planned a fantastic edition of this popular program and we can't wait to share more.

First, as always, the finished quilt is a mystery.  We don't have a photo and don't have any additional info to share beyond what's on this page.

The first thing to know is that this year's program is broken down into FOUR installments to coincide with the new publication schedule of the magazine for 2024.  

You will need to order both a magazine subscription and a fabric kit subscription. Links are in the text below or scroll to the very bottom of the page for all the links in one place.

That's right, the magazine is shifting to 4 issues per year, January, April, July and October. The magazine will be increasing from 96 pages to 128 pages. And in a huge shift, the magazine will no longer be on newsstands. You'll only find it on the Quiltmania website or from a participating quilt shop. So, if you've loved receiving the magazine, we will be offering a subscription. You can sign up here to receive each issue for as long as you wish. Each issue is $24.99 including US shipping. 

You'll discover a new section of the quilt in each issue.  And we'll be offering a series of 4 kits to coincide with each issue. We're opting to spread out the kit shipments over 4 installments for 2 reasons. 1) It's more affordable so more of our customers can participate; 2) We'll be able to include new fabric releases that are on the horizon so your quilt will be spectacular.

Here's some additional details from the Quiltmania team:

The original quilt is composed of a well-designed,

central (but offset) part that is surrounded by various

blocks, likely orphan blocks; they are linked by small

units of four-patch, checkerboard, and pinwheel

blocks. Some filler pieces were needed here and there,

a few parts were cobbled together, and recuts made

when it was too large. We have simplified a few fillers.

For our kits, we'll be offering 3 colorways/palettes to choose from.

This mystery project is based on an antique quilt that had over 210 different fabrics. 

Two of our kits will generally follow the magazine plan which depicts a total of 68 different fabrics (we may include a few more depending on how the project progresses). For our true reproduction quilt lovers, we'll also be offering a truly scrappy version with a goal of providing you at least 100 different fabrics.

In each of the 4 installments, you'll receive the equivalent of  at least 2 1/2 yards of fabric, often closer to 3 yards total.

We'll provide details with each installment of how to use the fabrics.

Now, on to the palette choices:

1) A true 1800s scrappy dream palette of at least 100 different prints. Here's a sneak peek of the first pull for this palette. This is just 1/3 of the total prints that you'll receive. We'll be adding in fabrics from new lines that are on the horizon including prints from Judie Rothermel, Paula Barnes, Pam Buda, Temecula Quilt Company, Andover Fabrics and Betsy Chutchian.

2) A dreamy mid-1800s palette anchored by the softly romantic florals of Max & Louise and more. Here's a sneak peek of some of the fabrics you'll receive during the program. We'll also be adding in the upcoming Fernshaw line from Max & Louise & some other not-yet-released lines from Andover & Marcus Fabrics.

3) A bright, fun, contemporary palette anchored by prints from GiucyGiuce, Alison Glass and more. This version will aim for a color progression feel for the finished quilt but of course you can do your own thing as you set the blocks together. The photo below shows just some of the prints that you'll receive. We'll add in upcoming lines from all the mentioned designers including Sun Prints 2024, Deco Glo II and more.

Fabric kits will ship in January, April, July and October  to coincide with the magazine shipment.

Each of the 4 installments is just $43.99 including US shipping.

You also need each of the 4 issues of the magazine for the pattern so be sure order it from us or subscribe directly.

This is going to be FUN year for the mystery project. From what we have seen, the quilt is primarily rotary cut & machine pieced with a few blocks showcasing other techniques. 

We hope you'll join in the fun and sign up for your favorite colorway now. 

Order Super Scrappy 1800s here.

Order Soft, Romantic mid-1800s here.

Order Bright, Fun, Color Progression here.

Order the remaining installments of the mystery pattern  subscription here. 



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